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Inspire, take the next step and create an art piece that will last.... 

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Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

With more than 37 years of formulation, our Atenea Heavy Body Acrylic Paint offers a creamy consistency that favors brushability, adhesion, coverage and color on substrates such as canvas, fabric, cardboard and even glass.

With 56 vibrant colors, our Heavy Body line is developed with the conceptual and extistention thoughts of fine artists.


Fluid Acrylic Paint

Bright Tones

New to the Atenea Acrylic family, the Fluid Bright Tones offers 80 distinctive colors that also include metallic, fluorescent, and pearlescent with the same professional grade formulation of our Heavy Body line.

Fine Artists, Graphic Designers and Craftsmen will have a wide pallete from where to materialize their creation.


Fluid Acrylic Paint

Matte Shades

Formally Plakat Atenea, the Matte Fluid Acrylic line offers 20 solid colors developed for graphic design, billboards, banners, stage sets and similar applications that require good coverage, fluidity of application and durability.

Among the most striking features of this line are the 4 original CMYK colors 

(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).


Acrylic Craft Paint

Specially designed for the craft and artisan world, our line offers a wide range of colors and mediums that works fully over non-fired ceramic pieces, wood, faom board and many other substrates.

With 65 matte, 5 fluorescent, 6 metallic, and 12 pearlescent tones, Atenea Acrylic Craft line will be facilitate any artists creative desire.

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Heavy Body Oil Paint

Atenea Oil Paint was our first formula developed 40 years ago.


Its creamy consistency, solid colors and notable chemical balance make it a favorite of artists who strive over their canvas.


Mediums and Finishes

With more than 8 products formulated to perfection for all Oil or Acrylic Atenea Paints, or selection ranges from preparing a canvas with White or Black Gesso, up-to generating three-dimensional effects on with our propietary Modeling Paste product.

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Body Paint

Friendly to the human canvas, our Body Paint projects the creativity of the artist over the one who decides to show it.

Learn more about our line developed specially for art-on-the-skin, which can even be used for Cosplay...


Liquid Embroidery

Atenea Liquid Embroidery, also called Fashion-Tex, is a high viscosity paint that allows the adding of edges on fabric substrates in order to create images that show three-dimensionality.

Water-based product, Non-Toxic, fluent, and creamy wirt 20 bright colors.

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Painting on Fabric Athena

Whether as a work of art, or a sequence of pieces, the Atenea Fabric Paint offers that unique-piece characteristic to the artist's work.

To be applied with brush, the 26 matte shades have great adhesion to the fabric, resistance to washing and elasticity.

Family School Products



With 12 colors confirmed by 6 primary tones and 6 complementary shades, our Tempera Atenea is specially formulated for all those school-age children from initial to primary level.

Water-based, NON-TOXIC, and full of life, Atenea tempera is a parent's smart selection for any child's education.


Finger Paint

Designed to motivate creativiy through motor functions, Atenea Finger Paint has a creamy, water-based formula with 6 bright colors that are NON-TOXIC.

Allow your child to turn their fingers into brushes and capture the color of their imagination.

It is ideal in the initial phases of education.

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White School Glue

Soft, white, fluid and with a pleasant aroma, Atenea White School Glue is a fundamental piece in the supply-list of all educational levels.

So much so, that even manualists, manualist and artisans incorporate it into their list of professional product options.


It is Non-Toxic and water-based.

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